Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

It's Sausage Day tomorrow. The day in which all Australians take a day off to make burned offerings to the Beach Gods.

Well. That's what an alien might think.

It's the day that the Whitefellas ruined everything for all the Blackfellas already living here. Or it's the day in which the Gallant and Brave Captain Cook Discovered our wide brown land for the Glory of Britannia. OR it's the day when communication began between an empire and a stone-age civilisation and things went worse from there. Up to and including said empire dumping its unwanted citizens onto the world's biggest island.

Either way, we all fuck off to the beach and barbecue sausages.

Expect slowness or lack regarding my content.

At a later point, after my painkillers kick in [thanks, Cyclone Migraine!] I shall be wandering into Anaconda's to get myself some Water Shoes.

What are those?

They're footwear that can be immersed without any harm to their physical integrity. So I can go swimming and also protect my delicate little tootsies.

It'll make a change from the Crocs I used last time.

So to expedite my travels, I shall be posting yet another segment of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. Which reminds me that I should check that all the installments are linked.

And possibly work on today's tale.

Let's get on with that.