Wednesday, Wordpress and Sundry

I did it again. I futzed around until it was too late to stream before the 10AM curse.

So my PLN now is to do a bit of shopping with my time. I need to get vegemite and cat food.

After I get back and stream, I think I'll focus my energies on footnote checking and at least one chapter summary.

Once the anthology is fully edited, I can get it out on the interwebs for your reading pleasure.

Once the novel is summarised, I have to work on the NEXT one. BLARGH.

I have over two hundred footnotes to check. Pity me.

At least I'm doing my best to not have to do it again.

I shall be giving my readers a piece of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale so I can plausibly do other things.

I might even include mapwork into that "other things". We shall see.