Challenge #03662-J009: Gentle Corrections

Two travelers: a massive bugbear, and a small half-fae. The bugbear, a priest of the Church of Wraithvine, soothing, kind, soft-spoken; the half-fae, fierce, a warrior, and the bugbear's protector. Unfortunately, people get them mixed up all the time, much to their detriment. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: I have, in the world of Alfarell, fae-kin: people who came from, or are related to people who came from the Plane of Magic, also known as Nanogh. So that means I can make up something very interesting here]

In an adventuring party, it is wise to have at least one person who can see in the dark, or one who can make light on command. These two had both. There was Hundathrim, the Bugbear, who could had darksight so they did not need a torch or lantern. There was also Holly Gorseprickle, who could give off light from her body at will.

One is a warrior and the other is a gentle Cleric of the Church of Kind Hands. You may try to guess which one is which, but you may get it wrong. Many already have.

Stopping at a horsetrough town on their way between origin and destination, they had a running bet. Would the people there make The Mistake? Five gold was riding on it.

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