Tuesday, Catching Up, Patreon, and all that jazz

The cursed mower started working just after I got everything together to move it. Hooray, I guess. So my heavy lifting was hauling boxes of stuff off to lifeline with the full understanding that I have a zippy little TARDIS car that can move lots of stuff at once.

I now have a completely improvised phone holder for those fun occasions where I need my GPS. It still needs some tweaking, but that won't be happening today.

TODAY my focus is on:

  1. Patreon posts
  2. Chapter summaries
  3. Fic tagging
  4. Anthology edits, and
  5. Dungeon details.

I'll be doing my best to get as much of it done as I can. And it's looking like I may have to stream at 11 because 10AM curse is looming.

Time with Beloved is more important, though.

So I shall begin with the Patreon stuff, take a break at 10, and then come back for all the other delicious goodness for the rest of the day.


Rest last night was not helped by a huge portion of my right leg being very painful indeed. Rough night. Twofer due. Gotta keep up the content or I vanish forever beyond the obscurity I already possess.

...yoiks and away.