Challenge #03661-J008: To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn...

When is it appropriate to kill? And when is it appropriate to allow yourself to die? These are questions roiling through the head of the young adult who is on their first job as a ship's human, protecting these kind scientists who were treating him as if he was their own family. -- Anon Guest

Human Zan's first log entry on the first day of his first job as Ship's Human was, Sweet Powers, it's full of nerds.

It was a science vessel crewed almost entirely by cute, fluffy scientists and the impulse to just pick them up and snoodle them was very strong. Zan resisted, mostly because following protocol was funnier.

A Human must announce their presence in a non-threatening way, said the rule book. So Zan did so by sing-songing, "It's Zan, Zan, the Ship's Hu-man." Whether or not there was a following, "Aaaayyyyy..." was up to his mood at the time.

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