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Thursday - Day Four

Beloved will be going to work later today, so I will be recording a more audible version of the tutorial I did on Tuesday. I live, I learn.

Today's brain hack will involve closing the compy room door so that I will be in Recording Mode. We'll see if it works.

With luck, I'll have a video that MeMum can use. Everything explained simply and easily and the why of it as well. I have to make things VERY clear. Obviously.

Extra challenge level - I woke up sometime before midnight, and my Undertow Mug of tea didn't do anything to induce a soporific sensation.

Today is going to SUUUUUUCK come the afternoon.

At this rate, I might be better off staying up for 24 hours or more so I can reset my clock.

Let's peek at the headlines:

  • Covid denialist throws a party that kills their whole family with the plague. At this point, The Masque of the Red Death should be required reading in school
  • Muppet and Biden are going to hold opposing town halls instead of debating
  • The video on that article has the orange menace promise to kiss everyone in a blatant display of both hubris and dangerous neglect
  • Truckie who was the source of a Victoria cluster feels immense guilt after infecting his dad
  • Queensland might be having another wave as a Townsville resident tested positive in Melbourne
  • Muppet accuses Biden of senility. Given that the GOP project so hard that they might as well be Hoyts...
  • Already wife catches hubby attempting to acquire wife #2
  • New iPhone a mockery
  • Ikea allegedly buying used furniture. Calling it now - Aussie wags are going to hand in all the old Ikea stuff that just fell to bits

I'll have a bash at writing you some instant fiction before it's Bus O'clock. Let's do this.

Late Start

I had fun at Toasty's stream and got to see some wonderful art happen. Now there's a vid-of-progress up on her Patreon and life is good because there is potential to share.

I managed to get halfway along on Episode 17 of Inter-Mission and as a bonus, some kind soul has listened to every episode. Huzzah. I have one confirmed listener.

One is where it starts, friends. Dear listener - please spread the word if you like my podcast. Even if you

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Busy-arse day

Following a worse night. Like, shit. I was already exhausted from a combo of eff-off AM wake-up and stressing about the Kitty Kondo(tm)... but last night.


I went to bed at like 6:30, sure I was going to sleep the night. Nope. Twenty-minute naps at best, interspersed with waking up to either Beloved's television choices or Chaos on her giggle runs up and down the hall.

Until nearly firkin midnight. Like cheese, peeps. Have some mercy.

The rest of

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That was painful...

I recorded my second story this morning. It took longer than it should have. Why?

  • I can NOT read properly, today
  • I learned that the mic works better when the headphones are turned on
  • I learned that my headset automatically turns off after like seven minutes.

Combined with outtakes, stuffups and re-do's, that's... a lot of reading. At least I was able to pick up where it dropped off and just read the end from there.

BUT my throat is shredded and

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Mayhem was sick, yesterday. Pointing finger aimed at a whole load of sugar over the holidays. We both decided that he would be better off going without sugar for a bit and seeing if that improved things for him.

Three guesses what Mayhem decided to do in the middle of the night?

He made the supremely "wise" decision to raid someone else's Erastide gift, and break it in the process. Without even bothering to ask if it was anyones.


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Finding a new level

I'm getting used to the sleepy/heavy feeling after a weekend of trying to sleep it off and failing.

I've fought through days with this kind of feeling before. Enough coffee, or enough stimulation, will keep me awake enough to function.

What I used to do is gorge myself on sugar. And that's a very bad idea for my diet and my dental health. They may be researching ways for people to regrow their dentin? But it hasn't filtered down to plebe

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Ah, weekends...

I have plans to do not a lot of anything very much and I am going to LOVE it.

And since it's a long weekend, that's even better. Nothing much to do for three days. My only responsibility will be my writing. A nice, relaxing slob-around.

You watch. Something's going to happen to muck that nonse up.

The best-laid plans of me in particular always go agley. It's a sad truth. Good thing for me that I'm pretty flexible.

For the terminally

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