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The Clusterfuck Continueth

Just as they're easing restrictions, we have a cluster of new cases and who would have predicted this? Oh, wait. Literally everyone who knows how viruses work. Good job.

The conspiracy theorists have more fuel for their fire because a lab in Wuhan allegedly shut down due to some mishap. This could be: (a) a direct result of funding loss because The Muppet doesn't believe in science, (b) actual protocol related to a suit puncture or spillage or something of the ilk because that's STANDARD SAFETY PROCEDURE IN A VIRUS LAB (jeez!), or (c) something alarming related to creating a Covid-19 vaccine that stops trouble before it starts.

Unlike all the "it was made in a lab and this is proof" idiots, I am waiting for the complete story before any leaping towards a conclusion happens. I just put my occam's razor up there, so let's try and keep calm until things are known, okay?

So far every single outbreak and flare-up of this thing is directly related to some numb-knuckle thinking "Oh but I don't have symptoms!" and subsequently spreading their asymptomatic arse all over the GD landscape.

Folks. We need to destroy this myth that "I feel healthy" = actually healthy = not carrying a disease = not vulnerable to a disease.

It. Doesn't. Work. That. Way.


I'm staying indoors and devoting all of my personal batteries to ensuring that I am at minimum possible risk for catching this hellplague because if I'm exposed, I could fucking DIE. I am not leaving the house any more. I am ordering every grocery online. I am sending my Beloved out plus mask, plus gloves, to get the things I otherwise cannot obtain by online means.

My gremlin brain is now focussing on a music video I want to happen and wanting to write a script. I'm up to the second chorus. Send help.

I've closed it off so I can allegedly focus on today's tale [and the Patreon stuff] but there's no telling how often I will drift off and go do the attractive shiny idea. Pray for me.

Onwards. Or something within 5 degrees of onwards, I guess.


Mayhem was sick, yesterday. Pointing finger aimed at a whole load of sugar over the holidays. We both decided that he would be better off going without sugar for a bit and seeing if that improved things for him.

Three guesses what Mayhem decided to do in the middle of the night?

He made the supremely "wise" decision to raid someone else's Erastide gift, and break it in the process. Without even bothering to ask if it was anyones.


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Slow start

I didn't get to sit at my computer until 10AM, today. We went shopping after getting the kids to school.

And I'm learning how corporations are getting everything messed up so they can make more money. Like, even more than I suspected. The profit motive is the most insidious and venal motive there ever was.

Monsanto is excellent at killing things. And that includes its customers. And the soil their products are used on.

I am very glad we're going to be

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Setting up and Botheration

I'm setting up an alternate account where I can talk about things that I can't really talk about here. Of course I won't be linking to it, because it will give things away that I have to protect.

When I get back to my Shrink [I have a Shrink, now!] I'll tell them, but otherwise, it's between Beloved and I and whomsoever finds me to follow.

And because this is my first sort-of-persona, I'm still nervy about letting my ugly mug be

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Like, follow and reblog if you dislike follow-trolls, like-whores and reblog monkeys

It’s the Tumblr bestiary and it’s right under the cut.

I’ve noticed a few trends with Tumblr of late, and these are the three that get on my pecs the most.


This blogger used to say insightful things. Or post lots of images that just plain made your day. You scoped out their whole blog, which was also loaded with insightful wisdom. For a few weeks, your life is made better by their insights.


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Poo bum wee

I just spent all day trying to come up with something clever and winding up with fail.

And then, to top it off, I tried to make Spore work on my Mac again.

I know there’s worse things to happen to people than spending all day on a computer, but… I was trying my hardest to be clever and the universe just kept on reminding me that I’m stupid.

I feel pretty damn worthless right now.


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