That was painful...

I recorded my second story this morning. It took longer than it should have. Why?

  • I can NOT read properly, today
  • I learned that the mic works better when the headphones are turned on
  • I learned that my headset automatically turns off after like seven minutes.

Combined with outtakes, stuffups and re-do's, that's... a lot of reading. At least I was able to pick up where it dropped off and just read the end from there.

BUT my throat is shredded and because awake at 3AM, I am now arse tired but also unable to sleep yet because school day, brat runs, and other organisational nonsense.

I have 1K to write in my novel, the Instant, of course, and a new anthology title to come up with for today's flash fanfiction.

I'm gonna SLEEP tonight.

It's not sleeping today that's going to be the big one. Further, I'm seeing how far I can get before I need caffeine. Yeah. I'm actually kind'a grateful that tonight's not a game night.

When the hell did I become a Tired Old Fart?