Finding a new level

I'm getting used to the sleepy/heavy feeling after a weekend of trying to sleep it off and failing.

I've fought through days with this kind of feeling before. Enough coffee, or enough stimulation, will keep me awake enough to function.

What I used to do is gorge myself on sugar. And that's a very bad idea for my diet and my dental health. They may be researching ways for people to regrow their dentin? But it hasn't filtered down to plebe level yet, so I gotta keep the sugars low.

And I firkin LOVE sweet things.

Staying focussed is a little bit of a problem. More so than staying awake. But I am capable of doing the thing, just at a much slower rate.

A much, MUCH slower rate.

Blarg. I feel like a napnap already. And it's not even nine AM.