Thursday - Day Four

Beloved will be going to work later today, so I will be recording a more audible version of the tutorial I did on Tuesday. I live, I learn.

Today's brain hack will involve closing the compy room door so that I will be in Recording Mode. We'll see if it works.

With luck, I'll have a video that MeMum can use. Everything explained simply and easily and the why of it as well. I have to make things VERY clear. Obviously.

Extra challenge level - I woke up sometime before midnight, and my Undertow Mug of tea didn't do anything to induce a soporific sensation.

Today is going to SUUUUUUCK come the afternoon.

At this rate, I might be better off staying up for 24 hours or more so I can reset my clock.

Let's peek at the headlines:

  • Covid denialist throws a party that kills their whole family with the plague. At this point, The Masque of the Red Death should be required reading in school
  • Muppet and Biden are going to hold opposing town halls instead of debating
  • The video on that article has the orange menace promise to kiss everyone in a blatant display of both hubris and dangerous neglect
  • Truckie who was the source of a Victoria cluster feels immense guilt after infecting his dad
  • Queensland might be having another wave as a Townsville resident tested positive in Melbourne
  • Muppet accuses Biden of senility. Given that the GOP project so hard that they might as well be Hoyts...
  • Already wife catches hubby attempting to acquire wife #2
  • New iPhone a mockery
  • Ikea allegedly buying used furniture. Calling it now - Aussie wags are going to hand in all the old Ikea stuff that just fell to bits

I'll have a bash at writing you some instant fiction before it's Bus O'clock. Let's do this.