Challenge #02835-G278: No Added Chemistry

And what, exactly, do you know of addiction? -- Anon Guest

"Just because I don't indulge in the standard recreational chemicals for my species doesn't mean I don't know what addiction is," argued Human Kae. "I seek my serotonin in other things. You might think they're safe, but they're harmful if I'm not on guard. You just haven't caught me in a spiral, yet."

Companion Riik puzzled at this. Sure, ze had recreational chemical issues and therapy for that was always a work in progress, but the request for a companion like hir still caused confusion. "How, exactly, can anyone have non-chemical addiction?"

"You know about just one more and just one won't hurt, right?" Human Kae waited for Companion Riik to nod. "That principal applies to other things. Humans have an endorphin boost every time they have sugar, but that's not a recreational chemical at all. We need a certain amount of it in our diets. Too much is just as bad as not enough."

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