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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

One new case, a foreign import. We have fifty-five active cases, fifty four in hospital, which leaves one chilling in a hotel, somewhere.

Miss Chaos and I built her Marble Run, and as near as I can tell, the finished product is fascinating to the entire family. Including the cats. Today, I shall lure Miss Chaos into telling me what she wants for her next grand prize. Hopefully by the end of next term, my thumbs will have forgiven me.

Flatpack wooden motor kids are HELL on the delicate digits of an author. Be warned.

In the news:

  • Apparently being very pregnant isn't reason enough to stay away from Prince Philip's funeral
  • Russian troops mass on Ukraines border
  • US policeman "accidentally" kills a black man, riots ensue
  • There's yet another fancy cake worth a long trip
  • Some workers don't want the vaccine
  • Macaulay Culkin is now a father. Congratulations, you now feel old
  • Yet another plague ship off the coast
  • Apparently Prince Philip had a reason for being an insensitive douche in every country he visited. Well, that just makes it all better, doesn't it?
  • West Australia cyclone destroys houses, kill penguins
  • Aussie housing market about to hit "speculation bubble" status

And now I go to make posts and stories...

Sunday, Day 0, New chair woes

There's only one new case today, putting the total of active cases to twelve. My shiny new chair arrived yesterday and I defeated the four-panel instruction set in the same hour. Yay.

The new problem is adjusting to the new kneeling chair. It's... painful. I have to get up every now and again to relieve the shins and butt that are impacted by the unfamiliar stresses of such.

Today's story is going to be a little slower as a result. Same too

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I have a day to myself, huzzah!

And I have to stay determined to focus on my work because I entered a new Discord chat server which is very active and very tempting and could potentially eat my entire day.

The ribs went well. Kids loved them. I liked them. Turns out the sauce could easily be improved with a single spring onion, finely chopped.

I'm gonna do that to all of my beef roasts from now on.

For those Keto followers

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Disruption to (ir)regular seervices

Yes, once again, life interferes with my PLNs. This time, it's getting into the inner circuit at Chaos' school so I can help with her learning at home. To that end, I'm turning up to assist at an excursion for her class.

Which means that most of this morning will be eaten up by Parenting instead of my usual faffing about on the internets.

I also have a NEW new keyboard with a programmable light interface :D Which means double the typos

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Tropes That Annoy Me: Manic Pixie Dream Girl

This one's been a long time coming. As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". But enough of that noise. Onwards with this noise.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a trope dating way back beyond the dawn of fiction. You can even find her in The Tempest as Prospero's daughter. But that's sort of blended with Born Sexy Yesterday [which might not have a trope page just yet] which I will cover at a

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Best-laid PLNs

I had planned to get some spare change counted, on our travels yesterday. But the banks don't operate on weekends. On the plus side, I got a new keyboard and mouse out of it so that Beloved and I can play a better quality of game together. The downside is that the spiffy new keyboard won't work with a mac.


The mouse looks pretty awesome, though. I just wish I knew how to change all its colours according to my whims.

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New toys

Beloved bought me a vinyl turntable, yesterday. While I was out with Chaos and gently stewing in my own juices, Beloved was rearranging the front room to include surround sound, once more1. Beloved, who claims to be tone deaf, has turned into an audiophile overnight.

So now I own a record player that doesn't take twenty minutes to warm up2 and is compatible with most of the other technology in the house. Plus there's a chance I can bootleg save

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