Best-laid PLNs

I had planned to get some spare change counted, on our travels yesterday. But the banks don't operate on weekends. On the plus side, I got a new keyboard and mouse out of it so that Beloved and I can play a better quality of game together. The downside is that the spiffy new keyboard won't work with a mac.


The mouse looks pretty awesome, though. I just wish I knew how to change all its colours according to my whims.

Whims that either make it glow in Steam Powered Giraffe colours, or make it look like it's powered by the fictional Blue Matter. Because I am a huge nerd.

Today, Beloved is going to get a cool gaming keyboard that actually works with Macs or, as I highly suspect, an upgrade for my old PC tower that is currently hosting spiders in the shed. Finally. The chipset build in that thing is only a couple of years younger than Mayhem.

That's like a few thousand years old in computer time.

Plus, there's no sense in having a spiffytastic keyboard and mouse if it goes on an outdated, piece-of-crap PC.

We'll see how the day goes. Beloved still isn't awake just yet.

Meanwhile, Kung Fu Zombies is live on Smashwords as an ebook, pending premium distribution. You can buy it as an ebook there or hop over to Lulu and get yourself a copy in dead tree format. [Spruik, spruik, spruik].

I've sent a letter of enquiry to the nice people behind Libro*FM which is the only known site that promises to publish audiobooks without also having them published on Amazon first. They've yet to get back to me, though. So... fingers crossed.

I might get back onto the tropes soon, though.