New toys

Beloved bought me a vinyl turntable, yesterday. While I was out with Chaos and gently stewing in my own juices, Beloved was rearranging the front room to include surround sound, once more1. Beloved, who claims to be tone deaf, has turned into an audiophile overnight.

So now I own a record player that doesn't take twenty minutes to warm up2 and is compatible with most of the other technology in the house. Plus there's a chance I can bootleg save all my old vinyl sounds to some form of digital medium.

I know for a fact that I have some stuff that you just can't get in iTunes. At all. Nor find on Spotify.

Yes, I've got into Spotify. I use the "radio" feature on some of my favourite tunes when I'm at home and bored with what's on iTunes.

I have three more chapters to read through before I am DONE scouring Beauties for typos. And then I can ready it for send-out to any Beta-readers who have volunteered.

To date, I only have one volunteer. So thanks in advance to all and any who have plans to respond to my call for beta-readers. Please enact those plans as soon as you can. I'd like to have more than friends and family working on this, please.

...and speaking of family, I really need to get things done so I can go out and secure stuff for them.

I didn't forget the most important part of the weekend: Statistics. Now, keep in mind that I went to a party. There was cake, and some nibbles. Though I did try to stick to the keto side of the party treats, the sausage they had on offer tasted peculiarly sweet. And I had to have a bit of cake. And, frankly, I probably shouldn't have got into the cheerios. With all that said, the stats of the day, from last time:

Weight: 77.5
Fat Weight: 29.1
Waist/Height: 0.541
Blood sugar: 5.3
Blood Ketones: 1.9
Breath Ketones: 2.2

All perfectly normal except the belly. I had a few carbs, yesterday, so I'm blaming them. Also I could probably afford to put in a quarter of an hour on the rowing machine every now and then.

Just not right now. Something has given me "the runs".

  1. We had the speakers, but haven't set them up for some significant time.

  2. I actually own an old, valve-driven record player that I hadn't hooked into anything since my Dad gave it to me.