Money Problems

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Friday, Foods and Funtimes

I am temporarily done with recording chapters of A Devil's Tale. So I began recording chapters of Adapting just for the heck of it.

First lesson: Shorter chapters are WAY easier to read. Yay.

Second lesson: If I want to do a professional version, I'm going to need a LOT of editing alongside the more professional setup.

I also need to price and source some things in order to have a professional setup. I have an idea for a foldable sound-baffling screen that could be 1000% horseshit, but I at least believe I have a workable concept.

I went out to get sammich stuff, a food bill that ended up costing us a little over a hundred dollarydoos. I bought stuff in bulk and I got it cheap, and I still don't know if it's going to last for the fortnight.

The $20 limit per bulk thing tends to save my buttocks more often than not.

My car's getting expensive in its old age, and looking into a replacement might make economical sense. Beloved insists that zippy little cars are not yet extinct, but I've been seeing a whole bunch of landbarges everywhere. I just looked, and the Duck of Wisdom says they are still around.

I've almost finished the chapter summary of Beauties so that will be shifting to 2K summary drafting.

Everything's moving forward. Whether we can afford it or not.

It's going to be a tight fortnight, and solving all the issues is going to be a huge enormous bitch.

If only I could get paid for my notes on the interwebs... sigh... I could have some pocket money off of that BG3 post I did once.


Sometime last week, I actually contributed to a fanfic. And that means that my $5 Patrons would be treated to a new WIP. If I had any $5 Patrons.

But I'm still putting it up because having stuff for my Patrons is important.

I've begun work on Shot #8 for SESP, and I might just have time to animate some of it all, this weekend. Powers know I've been more than a little slack about that. I have features and shots to

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Slothful Saturday (and Sunday)

I take my leisure time seriously. As in, I don't intend to do very much that's productive. Or do very much at all.

Because I've firkin earned it because all the running around during the week.

I feel I've been pushing myself a little hard, lately. And since my single and only sponsor on Patreon has downgraded their pledge... I don't really know if that effort is worth it.

I mean, I haven't had the time to do hobby-writing of late. Maybe

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Nothing to see here

It's hard to be entertaining when there's nothing to bitch about. Things are kind of okay.

I finally chatted with the counsellor people and got some useful advice to going forward with the whole mental care thing. As a result of having all that stress no longer important, my current energy levels are low.

Discoveries this week: Food is expensive. Especially the stuff that only diabetics are allowed to eat. Especially the recommended fish like salmon and tuna. We need to learn

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Mayhem's sick enough to throw up. Chaos has a persistent cough. I have a lingering, gluey sensation in the back of my throat that means more firkin bronchial casts are destined to make my life hellish.

Ah, winter. Where are these alleged charms that people keep honking about?

My plns for a Kigurumi are on hold. Unless I want to go to the local shops and choose from their alleged range. Which is something that will happen towards the end of NEXT

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Juggling Life

I had a bit of a row with Beloved about money again. Domestic arguments always seem to start with income and inlaws. But this time, it included outgoing moneys as well.

I'm a frugal little bean and I try not to have extravagant expenditure. I try to get as much as I can out of as little as possible, and going over that allotment makes me sad, angry, and bitter. Especially when I've done my best scrimping, only to find that Beloved

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Where has all the money gone?

I discussed money issues with Beloved in the evening. As it turns out, most of the expenses were directly related to bills and paying off debts.

We're relatively debt free, right now. But we're also money poor.

And Christmas is going to be hellishly expensive, even with my frugality in the balance. For example: Beloved suggested using actual sealing wax for the gift basket stuff. Two of the lovely bottle types have corks, and they're going to need a functional seal.


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