Sometime last week, I actually contributed to a fanfic. And that means that my $5 Patrons would be treated to a new WIP. If I had any $5 Patrons.

But I'm still putting it up because having stuff for my Patrons is important.

I've begun work on Shot #8 for SESP, and I might just have time to animate some of it all, this weekend. Powers know I've been more than a little slack about that. I have features and shots to upload, and then wrangle.

I'll be posting an update video [minus sound] once that's done. Because Quintessential's music is still on the do not use list. I highly encourage you to buy a copy of Quintessential because the music is firkin awesome.

And speaking of firkin awesome artists, I have recently found Alice's Night Circus. She does soaring melody, actually sings, and has a circus-esque theme to her music... so of course I fell for her like a sucker, but not as hard as I fell for Steam Powered Giraffe. I still obtained four out of her five extant songs. And can't get the complete set because saving for a new compy.

Scraping together enough to keep my 'career' going is a pain in the firkin arse.

If you'd like to contribute, you can sign on as a Patron, or buy my books, if you'd love to throw some money at me via PayPal, then my PayPal address is "nutty @ internutter (dot) org" - and you should know how to decode that into a valid email.

Bot protection kind'a sucks too.

I'm aiming to get the money without wrecking my emergency account. But if my compy dies tomorrow, I might have to.

Funds update on the weekend.