Nothing to see here

It's hard to be entertaining when there's nothing to bitch about. Things are kind of okay.

I finally chatted with the counsellor people and got some useful advice to going forward with the whole mental care thing. As a result of having all that stress no longer important, my current energy levels are low.

Discoveries this week: Food is expensive. Especially the stuff that only diabetics are allowed to eat. Especially the recommended fish like salmon and tuna. We need to learn how to farm that nonse. Seriously.

Beloved and I powered through most of our money in the space of a very few days. The time between now and next payday are going to be a massive bitch. I have stocks of things, which is good, but I also got rid of a whole bunch of stuff that would skyrocket Beloved's sugar levels.

Note for diabetics: Fresh tomatoes are okay. Tinned or processed tomatoes are not good. They might as well be poison.

Diet wise, I'm doing well. I'm at the high end of ninety kilos, and my tricks with getting cake seem to work with having ice cream at the end of the day. And it's good that I get toasted wraps for lunch.

The bad news is: when I do goo, it goes very quickly. I seem to have the knack of doing tasty stuff. Which is good because people want to eat my cooking. The bad news is that we're out of money and can't easily afford new food. The other good news is that I probably have enough doings to do goo for the rest of the fortnight.

If push comes to shove, I can raid my dreams account. And I'll be fine after I sell KFZ. But right now... it's not looking that great.

I'll manage. I'm very good at managing. When in doubt, goo. When certain, stew. Rice and flavour and additives answers a lot of food problems. if only I could stop Chaos from nicking stuff out of my stash...