Challenge #01386-C291: Anti-serendipity

"What happened to the scarf of invulnerability?"

"Uh... my cat ate it." -- OohLookShiny

The cat in question growled from its position under the ottoman. Yellow eyes glowed out from the shadows.

"The good news," said Ki'van, "is that the scarf itself is invulnerable. We... um... just have to wait a bit."

Now the growling from under the ottoman took on a slightly musical quality. So... the cat wasn't just pissed at him.

"I know she'll try to take my arm off if I try to feed her, but I need that invulnerability, Ki'van."

"Um..." Ki'van twisted herself sideways so she could look at her cat. "About that..."


Ki'van had to be a good magician, because she had managed to convince Twinkle, the homicidal cat, that he, Mouchon the Magnificent, was one of her equally homicidal kittens and needed Twinkle close and nurturing.

It worked, in that the invincibility spread by contact to protect Mouchon from most of the harm.

And it would have been great, if it wasn't for the constant sandpaper licking. He could barely hear any taunts over her purring.

If all else fails, vowed Mouchon, I'm going to throw the cat at them.

That day went down in history as the strangest wizard duel that had been fought to date. And Mouchon would spend the rest of his life explaining it.

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