Slothful Saturday (and Sunday)

I take my leisure time seriously. As in, I don't intend to do very much that's productive. Or do very much at all.

Because I've firkin earned it because all the running around during the week.

I feel I've been pushing myself a little hard, lately. And since my single and only sponsor on Patreon has downgraded their pledge... I don't really know if that effort is worth it.

I mean, I haven't had the time to do hobby-writing of late. Maybe I lost that one dollar because I wasn't writing anything for that tier. Or maybe they needed that dollar because budgeting is arse.

I don't know what else I can do to drum up an audience that I can afford on my $0 budget.

Whatever it is, I'd like some input. I'll have two days to mull it all over.

What I'm doing now:

  • Posting my Instants on Steemit so that every vote gets me a few cents at least
  • Posting teasers of said stories on my other social media
  • I have my own website [Which needs an update]
  • I run a facebook page with my pen name
  • I have a twitter and use it daily
  • I'm running a Patreon
  • And then I post on Tumblr as well.

Pinterest is full of infographics and beautiful pictures. And it doesn't lead anyone back to the source. Which is useless as far as advertising goes.

Deviantart welcomes everyone, but I have the artistic skills of an arthritic whelk (as you've seen) and nobody really wants my art for anything. Plus, putting writing up on Deviantart is living a lie.

Google+ could be an option, but I feel like I'd be yelling into the darkness.

Medium looks like another good one. I shall investigate. On Monday.

Today and tomorrow are for me to relax in and I am firkin gonna.