Challenge #01675-D214: The Nut at the But

The way we use tools changes us. Anything from Sherlock Holmes to Tennis Elbow. -- Knitnan

Shanna hadn't thought of being a superhero when the alien ship crash landed in the ghetto. She just knew that alien debris was worth big cash and rushed into the burning frame to grab the first thing that looked portable. And then she ran for safety before the Enforcers could get there and arrest everyone who was too slow.

She got away. Far away. Didn't take the object out of her backpack until she was in a safe place where none of the securicams could see her. It was round, and vaguely sticky, but only when it touched her skin. It would not adhere to anything else. Of course, Shanna tried to make it do things. Alien debris was way more valuable when it could do things.

Something like this could be her ticket out of this dump. She didn't know how right she was... but how wrong she was about the way it would happen.

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