Tool Use

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Challenge #03677-J024: For Intended Use Only

Human Child: This! Is! SPARTA!

Human Parent: This is not Sparta, and you won't like what happens next if you hit your sister with that broom. -- Escla

"I told you not to let them go through the archives unchecked," said Mami. "Now you know why there's 'parental guidance' advisories."

Deni lowered his broom, knowing better than ticking off Mom. "I was just playing," he protested.

"You were just playing a little too dangerously," insisted Mom. "Brooms are for sweeping up garbage, not hitting family." She reclaimed the broom and put it away. "We try our best not to hurt loved ones in this house."

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Challenge #02585-G028: The Hand on the Tool

A: This blade, with its razor sharp edge, can cleave through flesh and bone easily. Due to the various materials to make this, no blood or grime will stick to this blade.

B: you know out of context that is scary until you realise it’s a Butcher knife. But the way you hold it and the precision you use it is terrifying. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I derped and did a prompt out of order. Apologies for the inconvenience.]

Cookie continued

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Challenge #01946-E122: Change for the Better

Paper clips, rubber bands, and the ever reliable wire coat-hanger. -- Anon Guest

In accordance with Galactic Standards and Practices verses the JOAT Conglomerate, all Standard Screws will now feature a slot to accommodate the use of a 5 Sec Coin in lieu of any screwdriver.

Truly. This was a day of victory. Of course, the fine print under the announcement reassured business owners that secure spaces were still allowed to use non-standard fastenings, so long as they provided the relevant tools

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Challenge #01675-D214: The Nut at the But

The way we use tools changes us. Anything from Sherlock Holmes to Tennis Elbow. -- Knitnan

Shanna hadn't thought of being a superhero when the alien ship crash landed in the ghetto. She just knew that alien debris was worth big cash and rushed into the burning frame to grab the first thing that looked portable. And then she ran for safety before the Enforcers could get there and arrest everyone who was too slow.

She got away. Far away. Didn't take

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