Challenge #01946-E122: Change for the Better

Paper clips, rubber bands, and the ever reliable wire coat-hanger. -- Anon Guest

In accordance with Galactic Standards and Practices verses the JOAT Conglomerate, all Standard Screws will now feature a slot to accommodate the use of a 5 Sec Coin in lieu of any screwdriver.

Truly. This was a day of victory. Of course, the fine print under the announcement reassured business owners that secure spaces were still allowed to use non-standard fastenings, so long as they provided the relevant tools on a pay-to-play system, but that was never what the JOAT Conglomerate had been fighting for. They had been fighting for in a pinch tool use.

Rare though it was, there were times when a JOAT found themselves without their usual toolkit. Separated from their multi-pocketed rainbow coat, or otherwise incapacitated. Then were the desperate moments that a JOAT only had the tools available to them in a pinch. And when pinched, a JOAT could use anything small and handy as a tool. Paperclips had long since become defunct since the near-extinction of paper, but they were still manufactured and carried around because people had found other uses for them.

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