Mayhem's sick enough to throw up. Chaos has a persistent cough. I have a lingering, gluey sensation in the back of my throat that means more firkin bronchial casts are destined to make my life hellish.

Ah, winter. Where are these alleged charms that people keep honking about?

My plns for a Kigurumi are on hold. Unless I want to go to the local shops and choose from their alleged range. Which is something that will happen towards the end of NEXT week, because we managed to pay $2k on settling BILLS.

I should be rounding up an array of SpecFic Lit Agents who do their business in New York, but I have a child at home. Which means a majority of my time will be spent making sure that Mayhem has few opportunities to enjoy himself.

I currently have him sorting the last of my beads. That's enough neck-ache for anyone.

I am seriously considering putting this site behind a Patreon. I'm doing daily content. If it's pay-to-access-while-fresh, then I have something resembling an income to help pay for tight spots like this one. Put it this way - we need $1K to pay for the house, and another something-hundred to keep us alive during the time between now and when we're paid next.

I have less than three hundred to pay for food and necessaries for the next week. And very few spoons because depressed about money.

If anyone who owns a multibillion-dollar company complains about how expensive it is to have employees, I will fucking smack them, I swear to the Powers...

And the worst thing about this particular squeeze is that all our money went on shit that we needed to pay for. Power. Water. Rates. Keeping things balanced on all sides. If we're barely keeping our heads up now, what will it be like when the megacorps have their way and re-introduce serfdom?

Meh. They'll probably have messed things up to the point where life at all is impossible by then. Powers, I'm cheerful today.

I'm going to make Mayhem clean the slow cooker, because I will guaranteed need it next week. I have to be as canny as hell to help us through next week. The week after is an entirely different story.