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Challenge #04077-K059: Defensive Action Lessons

Jay asks to sit and watch as Lilicoon is talking self-defense classes. -- Anon Guest

"We both know I don't need it with you," said Lilcoon. "I wish to be prepared for all other circumstances."

"I'm not guarding you," said Jay. "I'm not worried. I want..." they flailed for the right words, trying to fish them out of the air with their fingers. "I want to know how it's taught."

"You already know how to fight, yes?" said Lilcoon.

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Challenge #03981-J329: Unexpected Defences

Mr. Sunshine and Jay are on a station and see a human bullying a havenworlder. Before they can interfere, the havenworlder grabs the human and flips them to the ground like the, now very shocked, human was a rag-doll. And how proud that havenworlder looks when security takes the bully away! -- Anon Guest

Everyone agreed, it all happened so fast. Things always happened fast in the Edge Territories. Especially those on the very cusp of becoming fully part of the Galactic

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Challenge #03454-I166: A Test of Character

A person came to meet Twii. They had a lot to talk to them about, but both individuals were wary. Twii wanted to see what KIND of person they are, so, the two fought, briefly. Before sitting to talk, Twii stated, "Sorry about that. But you'd be surprised at how much you learn about a person by fighting them." -- Anon Guest

[AN: Just attacking someone out of the blue makes ZERO sense for: (a) a master of the martial arts, (b)

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Challenge #03370-I082: To Break the Cycle

The CRC hires Sensei Twii to write out new guidelines to help protect everyone at stations, since Twii so succinctly pointed out the flaws in the current plans. Twii works with them in tandem to make it easier for people to defend themselves, and offers to help the security staff by having them join the dojos, as some of his former students now, themselves, become teachers. -- DaniAndShali

Footage played across several screens. It was not

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Challenge #03322-I034: For Every Action

Master Twii hears of how well his students are fairing, and sees the footage of them defending themselves from deadly pirates. -- Anon Guest

It was perfect. A textbook example of how to use oneself as a fulcrum in combination with the enemy's impetus. The enemy, in this case a burly Human with too much ego and not enough brains, had a stunning revelation on the way through the furniture.

Judging solely by the look on

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Challenge #03259-H350: Rememberance

The sad remains of the old ship was found, and only ONE other life pod of survivors. This one had a few teens, and two surviving adults. None of the other pods managed to jettison before the ship shuddered and blew apart. The bodies of all the dead were gathered, families kept together as much as possible if they were able to find out who belonged to which family, and the funeral was solemn. The other life pod's survivors were brought to

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Challenge #03222-H313: Necessary Adjustments

Master Twii was taking a class on programming, taking time away from the Dojo, on a station when a lifepod, or what was left of it, docked heavily. The smoking maw of the airlock opening up to disgorge disheveled, frightened, and wounded kids, the accident had killed the very few adults that had been there. The most scared of the kids hid behind the first adult human they saw, never having seen any other species before.

From this prompt - https://peakd.

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Challenge #03101-H193: Knowledge Versus Wisdom

A Deathworlder who is a student in a human-run Dojo finds their Sensei in a classroom working on homework and is surprised. The human is more than old enough to have graduated from most classes and was advanced in years. So...

"Sensei? Why are you here? Surely there's little you need to brush up on now?"

The human turns and smiles in a kind, almost grandparent-like, smile upon their student and offers them a seat. "My dear student, remember our first lesson?

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Challenge #03049-H126: To Find a Good Teacher

They worked hard to find out who this person was. The one who could not be harmed, the one who never needed a weapon, they WERE a weapon. And once the person was found, the seeker, and their siblings, went to them and said, politely. "Please, teach us, we wish to be your students." -- Fighting Fit

Fel was a long time in finding hir. The Immortal Master didn't advertise and, in fact, preferred to stay

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