Challenge #03981-J329: Unexpected Defences

Mr. Sunshine and Jay are on a station and see a human bullying a havenworlder. Before they can interfere, the havenworlder grabs the human and flips them to the ground like the, now very shocked, human was a rag-doll. And how proud that havenworlder looks when security takes the bully away! -- Anon Guest

Everyone agreed, it all happened so fast. Things always happened fast in the Edge Territories. Especially those on the very cusp of becoming fully part of the Galactic Alliance. There's always a few who prefer the old ways over the vast improvements, who do whatever they could to sabotage the Alliance.

The little Havenworlder, apparently delicate and fluffy, avoided the attacking Deathworlder and simply used the impetus to throw them into something far less fragile.

Mr Sunshine and his apprentice Jay barely had time to take one step towards the escalated confrontation. They hit their incident buttons and moved to intercept the would-be attacker. Just in case the angry Deathworlder tried to resume their very bad idea.

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