Challenge #03370-I082: To Break the Cycle

The CRC hires Sensei Twii to write out new guidelines to help protect everyone at stations, since Twii so succinctly pointed out the flaws in the current plans. Twii works with them in tandem to make it easier for people to defend themselves, and offers to help the security staff by having them join the dojos, as some of his former students now, themselves, become teachers. -- DaniAndShali

Footage played across several screens. It was not the footage of Master Twii's students. Instead of that, it was footage of other, unpoliced incidents. Deathworlders menacing Havenworlders for whatever they could get. Larger cogniscents looming over smaller ones to get their way. Victims following the Five Step Plan and getting their asses handed to them.

None of the footage looped around to where it started.

"One Standard Year[1]," said Master Twii. "Forty-eight stations. Countless injuries and near-death incidents by cogniscents who followed the currently-accepted Five Step Plan. Equally countless aggressors who escape consequences by being transient populations. This Alliance needs better."

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