Thursday, Catching Up and Shoulder

I didn't do my Wordpress, yesterday. I was out having fun. So I write it today. Huzzah.

If I have the energy, I shall take a garbage bag and whirlwind all of the tissues out of my room. If not, no loss.

I have to remember to be kind with me.

Beloved and I spent a lovely spa day. It came with profiterole mice. Imagine a profiterole with white icing on top. One part has been deliberately drizzled to represent a muzzle. Artistic icing to create nose, eyes, and a tail also exists. There are slivered almonds for ears.

The result is twice as derpy as expected and deliciously adorable.

My shoulder needs to be warm to get better, I have discovered. Allowing it to cool makes the knot come back, but not quite as worse as it has once been. I'm tired of the yoyo so my heat pack is going to be my best friend. As well as any insulation I can get my hands on, worn toga style.

Fun times.

I shall be building more dungeon buildings today. Chillaxing and keeping my shoulder warm.


Story, Wordpress, and dungeon(s) ho.