Challenge #03101-H193: Knowledge Versus Wisdom

A Deathworlder who is a student in a human-run Dojo finds their Sensei in a classroom working on homework and is surprised. The human is more than old enough to have graduated from most classes and was advanced in years. So...

"Sensei? Why are you here? Surely there's little you need to brush up on now?"

The human turns and smiles in a kind, almost grandparent-like, smile upon their student and offers them a seat. "My dear student, remember our first lesson? They who stop trying to learn something new each day stagnates on this wonderful journey we call life." -- Teachers

The first lesson had almost been forgotten. Perz recalled it now in vivid clarity. They had all been kneeling while Sensei Twii waited for all of them to pay attention. "You have come to me to learn, so I say now. Learn even after you believe you have learned everything. Those who believe they know everything are the biggest fools of all. There is always more to discover, always more surprises, and always more wonders to find. Look for them."

It hadn't even seemed like a lesson, but it was the first thing Master Twii taught. Perz must have heard it said to new students a thousand times. Only now did ze see it in a new light. "I think I finally understand why I have been so slow to learn from you, Master."

Another twinkle of an indulgent parental smile. "If that is your clarity, so be it," they allowed. "I am called the Immortal Master, and many believe I know everything... but the fields of knowledge are infinite, and cannot be mapped so easily."

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