Challenge #03259-H350: Rememberance

The sad remains of the old ship was found, and only ONE other life pod of survivors. This one had a few teens, and two surviving adults. None of the other pods managed to jettison before the ship shuddered and blew apart. The bodies of all the dead were gathered, families kept together as much as possible if they were able to find out who belonged to which family, and the funeral was solemn. The other life pod's survivors were brought to the station to meet with Master Twii and the children, and learn about the world around them, and get proper care and therapy for their trauma. -- Fighting Fit

The wreck was almost like a Deregger ship made by the lowest bidders, in that it was amazing that the entire thing wasn't made of ductape[1] and cardboard. It was the greatest loss of life in Alliance History since a planetary polity refused to believe that their sun was going nova[2].

Only one other group survived. A life pod with older children and two rather small adults. All of whom now had a lifelong fear of enclosed spaces.

Twii moved their Dojo to a nearby planet so they didn't have to fret about split-second emergencies where the kids were far from a sleep niche[3]. You couldn't depressurise a planet, after all. And since it was a Havenworld, very little could harm them.

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