Monday, Day 0, Twoferfest Adaption

Plague news: 765 new cases, 714 local, 0 imports. Once again government site cannot math. It's 714 new cases. Grrr. 2 147 total active cases, 123 in hospitals.

Vax news: Australia has 94.1% first vax, 91% fully vaxxed. Qld stands tangled with WA for last place, with 90.4% first vax, 85.9% fully vaxxed.

I will check with the kids if they want to spend their money today, now that the mad rush for the Boxing Day Sales is done and there's a chance I can actually socially distance from everyone and their kid brother's dog.

BUT the likelihood is high that we will not be venturing far from home before next year. Because (a) maniacs and (b) plague.

In the News:

  • Other countries with Omicron are closing down LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE
  • Christmas tree catches fire, kills three
  • More Royals Drama(tm)
  • Administrivia stuffup sends 'clear' signal to the wrong people and now NSW has more plague to trace
  • Myanmar massacre has been discovered
  • Businessman builds home on Christian graveyard
  • Desmond Tutu has passed on
  • Smaller crowds on Boxing Day. Won't someone think of the profit margin?
  • Some smartarse has invented a transparent face mask that just shoves all your germs down your front and will add more plastic to the environment. Yay.
  • Mystery solved! The reason why there's so much black glass in the Chilean desert is... a comet did it
  • Charles Babbage was born this day 230 years ago

And now for my second story.