Challenge #03258-H349: Have We Learned Something?

It was very late at night, it was hot, when their friend entered their quarters. Their friend had been told they were welcome any time. Yet again, the cooling systems had gone down and their friend couldn't sleep. Supplies, including spare parts, wouldn't be in until next week.

"You were right, the jury-rig didn't work. I thought I could just bodge it together to save us some time on spares that last supply run."

"Didn't work, did it?"

"Now what do we do?"

"I TOLD you we always need to keep at least two more spares! You're lucky I, at least, prepare!" -- Anon Guest

Planetside on a world with a breathable atmosphere and little to no airborne pathogens that counted[1] had some welcome differences. For example, not having to be sure your habitat was hermetically sealed with a scrubber airlock system attached.

On the downside, this world was a bit warm. Which meant the environment controls had some work to do to make the new inhabitants comfortable at night.

Such is life at three in the morning at Explorer Base Camp, Planet Toasty. With Dean once more knocking on the door for Burh's personal quarters. Burh was so used to this by now that she was already awake before the first rap sounded. She opened the door to see Dean in their Skins, just about dripping with perspiration.

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