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Challenge #03070-H147: Inherent Hazards

The human got a new little friend, a therapy animal to help them deal with being in big crowds. The puppy, one of the breeds that would always be small in size, played happily as the human was house-breaking them, playing with them, and teaching them. The companion came into their quarters, after knocking, to visit, when they noticed several air fresheners, one in each room. They asked why that was necessary before they caught the whiff of a very strong, very offensive, odor, wafting from a sleeping pup, and realized... it wasn't just humans that did that, it was their deathworlder pets, too. -- Anon Guest

The lingering objection to inviting Humans into Alliance spaces was, for many years, "But what about air quality?" Deathworlder digestive systems, just like the Deathworlders themselves, were toxic. They could vent just about anything with their unreliable upsets. Corrosive acids and noxious gasses were just the beginning. Won't somebody think of the pathogens?

The Humans argued that the Alliance had already accepted dogs, which were just as noxious in potential. Enough carbon in their diets and just about any problem could be solved. For everything else, there were air scrubbers. Besides, said the Humans, you lot are capable of many of your own noxious emissions anyway.

Says you, muttered the assorted objectors in the Alliance. They didn't mutter too loudly, because some Humans were just a little too manic about providing proof. Humans were allowed in on a provisional basis. They had to contain themselves in livesuits when in public areas and report any and all emissions in the same areas. Thankfully, livesuits already had autologgers for just that purpose. Personal habitats were not public, and therefore anyone entering did so at their own risk.

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Challenge #03037-H114: The Learning Process

Ad astra per aspera -- Anon Guest

[AN: My old primary school motto was Per Ardua Ad Astra - by effort to the stars. If I read this correctly, this means "To the stars by breath" ::googles:: Almost. "Through the rough" not "by breath". Was I close?]

Groundbreaking travel, as the name suggests, is fraught with unforeseen perils. The first person to hang onto the back of a horse or an ox had no idea what they were in for. The first

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Challenge #02979-H056: What a Waking View

Muscle memory, we do things so often our body remembers how - even though we don't think about it. Most common is dance moves, and the slap that turns off the morning alarm. Then there are the reach in the dark for tablets or weapons. Go with it and see where the Idea takes yo. -- Knitnan

Human Sar could arrive at a trouble site in their full livesuit before ze completely woke up. His successive companions would learn that Sar's livesuit

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Challenge #02756-G199: Oh Marvelous Me

I'm sorry to add to your already heavy workload that is your Prompts. But I would really like to see Unununium Jones on her stellar yacht get her just deserts. (From Prompt #02605-G048: Atomic Element Number Six) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link thanks to DaniAndShali <3 Bless you for being helpful]

Life, the saying goes, is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat. That saying was certainly true of Uni Jones. She

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