Challenge #03231-H322: An Excellent Motivator

Human Ren had gotten out of the ICU drawer and was in physical therapy. His two new friends watched him like a hawk, taking shifts so one could rest while the other looked over him. It may've been a bit of a pain for the physical therapist, but it was astonishing how uplifting it was to have your own cheering section while struggling to regain bodily movement again. -- Anon Guest

Ren had one reaction to seeing himself after the Mediks removed his casts. "Aw flaaaaakk... I'm a flakking twig." Evidently, recovering from having one's bones pounded into gravel had its downsides. At least there were very clever gravitic manipulators that could hold those fragments in their proper place until they knitted together.

Which precluded everyday things like moving too much. Or at all. Extremely good painkillers and some low-G gentle therapy had done their best, but there was still a high amount of atrophy.

This resulted in exercises that Ren called, Physiotherapy on the Planets. Walking with the assistance of the parallel bars under different gravitic stresses.

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