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Challenge #03422-I134: Non-chocolate Chocolate

A chemist invents a type of treat that tastes, and looks, almost exactly like chocolate, melts and is as usable as chocolate, can even be made into candy bars. And yet, it is chemically safe for all humans and almost all galactics. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Carob!]

Deathworlders make very tasty things. This is known. Also known is the fact that most of the ingredients are deadly to most known cogniscent life. No matter how many things one can do with fruit and sugar[1], they want to know about the rest of it. They want to know about chocolate.

Thanks to theobromine, they just can't. This has caused outrage in many planetary systems. However, there are alternatives.

"Earth's had it for years, but it was always viewed as subpar. The gritty mouthfeel was something many people couldn't get over. However, sufficient milling can get rid of the fibre particles from the seed pod shells," Amy Guylian was describing her process. "In combination with some simple fats, I managed to get so close that even experts can't tell the difference. After that, it's simply a matter of treating it like any other chocolate."

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Challenge #03231-H322: An Excellent Motivator

Human Ren had gotten out of the ICU drawer and was in physical therapy. His two new friends watched him like a hawk, taking shifts so one could rest while the other looked over him. It may've been a bit of a pain for the physical therapist, but it was astonishing how uplifting it was to have your own cheering section while struggling to regain bodily movement again. -- Anon Guest

Ren had one reaction to

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I got thi-- oh fuck

Sometimes, I am on the ball. Sometimes, the ball is on me.

The latter has been happening today. I got so wrapped up in a fun writing project that I lost track of time and almost missed watching the bus for Miss Chaos.

I finished that fun writing project, by the way. Allegedly more capability to focus on other things. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

Discussion with Beloved happened soon after, and they forwarded an idea that could

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