Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: 784 new cases, all local transmission. 3 621 total active cases, 72 in hospital.

Vax news:

  • Australia has 94.2% first vax,
  • 91.1% fully vaxxed
  • Queensland has 90.5% first vax,
  • 86.1% fully vaxxed
  • Western Australia has 90.8% first vax,
  • 83.3% fully vaxxed

You see what I mean when I say "tangled" in last place. We're ahead on one, then behind on the other. All the dang time.

Today I do my Patreon nonse and tackle one among the many learning/making tasks I aim to work on throughout next year. I'm getting back to making maps for the campaign in TaleSpire, because I need to... but I am also going to learn how to fly ClipStudio [which is the app I have now] instead of waiting to be able to afford ToonBoom.

You can, allegedly, do sound and pictures in ClipStudio to make animations and animatics. I am going to create Vegemite, which is a stop motion project I've been taking photos for during a month or two. It's one of my multitude of sanity projects and it's high time I finished it by making it real.

Stay tuned for the news on that.

Among my other projects to revive next year are:

  • Adding tags to my app [and maybe launching it?]
  • Learning how to fly WorldAnvil
  • Figuring out the Epic Character Generator and incorporating the addons I paid for
  • The Sleep Evil Sleep Project

And now for what's happening in the rest of the world...

In the news:

  • China attempts to break Australia. Australia laughs
  • Siege in suburban Ipswich
  • Taliban forbid women travelling without a male escort
  • Did you buy Legos during Iso? The sets could be worth a bit
  • Once more, the Knomiras are up to their usual bullshit. They're dodging all attempts to contain the fucking plague because they're precious and special little snowflakes
  • The "bold new plan" to ease the hospital crisis is... [drumroll]... Let the hospital workers return to their jobs before it's safe for them to do so [canned cheer]
  • Channel 7's entire Cricket Commentary Team has the plague
  • One nation in Europe is actually forcing people to get their plague jabs
  • Mum finds a baggie of Crystal Meth in a cereal box. I used to get plastic spacemen...
  • Omicron works fast and one of the earliest symptoms is a croaky voice
  • Anti-vaxxer discharges self from hospital, dies
  • Scientists have discovered frozen water underneath Mars' "Grand Canyon" in an area roughly the size of Holland

Today's Twofer will be happening after my blog! Yay! I feel organised today :D