Challenge #03454-I166: A Test of Character

A person came to meet Twii. They had a lot to talk to them about, but both individuals were wary. Twii wanted to see what KIND of person they are, so, the two fought, briefly. Before sitting to talk, Twii stated, "Sorry about that. But you'd be surprised at how much you learn about a person by fighting them." -- Anon Guest

[AN: Just attacking someone out of the blue makes ZERO sense for: (a) a master of the martial arts, (b) someone who believes in Two Kind Hands, (c) someone who has canonically adopted a bunch of kids because they had nowhere else to live, and (d) Master Twii. This prompt is BEYOND out of character. So I am going to test this newcomer in other ways.]

"I need to know all about fighting," said the stranger. She had come to Twii whilst the Immortal Master was out grocery shopping. "They say you're the person to speak to."

Twii looked her over. Fighting fit, as some might say. Standing a little too close for comfort, and not even saying excuse me to begin the conversation. Too many red flags in one basket. "Wait for me in ZYL Gardens Eat, please. I must finish my duties."

A huff of a sigh, but she obeyed. It was all in the attitude. The hunched stance as she punched up the location. The lowered brow as she looked up the transit links. The muttered, "Fine," in lieu of a farewell. She would definitely be weighed in the balance with that one task. Whether or not she would be found wanting... Twii could wait and see.

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