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Tuesday, Patreon and Realisation

I now know for certain that anything beyond the expected offerings on a Monday is an actual blessing.

The backup reads take some significant time out of the day and it turns out that listening to words means I can't easily write words.

Live and learn.

I've already done the meme on Fediverse, I aim to get the daily tale out and do the Patreon posts before I vanish behind the curtain to do the other things. Tagging a week, summarising a chapter, and set dressing a dungeon.

Once I'm done with level 16B, I shall gather up all the things to turn into icons for the upcoming game. I have a routine for that. Huzzah.

Five icons per go until I run out of things to make into icons. I can do this.

UPDATE - Chapter Count: Commenced work on Ch 248

So let's get started.

Challenge #03477-I189: You're Adopted Again

It is my honest opinion, reading your stories, that Amatu and Wraithvine are becoming as close as brothers. Even if they are not by blood, the bond is obviously forming. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Amatu and Wraithvine are vastly different in ages.]

Sometimes realisation creeps up on a mind like a nervous houseguest at a party where they only know a couple of people. Though in this case it isn't awkwardly asking where the bathroom is. In other times, just like now,

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Challenge #03462-I174: At the Grave of Ostentatious

CEO - "You MUST obey me! Now bring me food, bring me the crops, I'm HUNGRY!"

Former employees - "We're stuck on this world, too, buddy. We grew this food, we'll eat this food. You want to eat, you either start helping out, or you can eat the bland nutripaste crap the replicators make."

CEO - "So why in h--- don't you just KILL me, if you hate me so much??"

Former employees - "Because it's more fun hearing you whine, and

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