Tuesday, Patreon and Realisation

I now know for certain that anything beyond the expected offerings on a Monday is an actual blessing.

The backup reads take some significant time out of the day and it turns out that listening to words means I can't easily write words.

Live and learn.

I've already done the meme on Fediverse, I aim to get the daily tale out and do the Patreon posts before I vanish behind the curtain to do the other things. Tagging a week, summarising a chapter, and set dressing a dungeon.

Once I'm done with level 16B, I shall gather up all the things to turn into icons for the upcoming game. I have a routine for that. Huzzah.

Five icons per go until I run out of things to make into icons. I can do this.

UPDATE - Chapter Count: Commenced work on Ch 248

So let's get started.