Challenge #03462-I174: At the Grave of Ostentatious

CEO - "You MUST obey me! Now bring me food, bring me the crops, I'm HUNGRY!"

Former employees - "We're stuck on this world, too, buddy. We grew this food, we'll eat this food. You want to eat, you either start helping out, or you can eat the bland nutripaste crap the replicators make."

CEO - "So why in h--- don't you just KILL me, if you hate me so much??"

Former employees - "Because it's more fun hearing you whine, and because SOME of us are nice enough to hope that you might actually learn, like your wives and kids have, to work WITH us in peace." -- Lessons

They said that the Ostentatious was the ship of dreams. They weren't entirely wrong, it was just that it was the ship of dream. Singular. One man's dream to make the most luxurious space yacht with every possible amenity and the kind of engines that make small minds excited to show them off.

CEO Victor Truman Valerium only took it on one flight. Shortly after he bragged that nothing in the universe could take it down.

Nature hates a vacuum. The universe, full of vacuum, hates blatant displays of hubris. It should surprise nobody that the Ostentatious set forth on her maiden voyage with only the appearance of being fully prepared. With little if anything to do with basic safety precautions, and not enough lifepods. It should also surprise nobody that the ship went down in unsurveyed space whilst the pilot - CEO Valerium - was attempting a maniac manoeuvre that was ill-advised. Even for vessels designed to do it.

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