Bad News

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Plusses and Minusses

Plus: Toasty has started part 3 of her Divinity Saga and I couldn't be happier about that. It's something of a treat to watch something spring to life from the hands of a talented expert.

Minus: The loud orange muppet allegedly in charge of the USA is threatening battle war and sudden death in Iraq because that allegedly makes him look like a strong leader. It also serves to allow the right wing to trumpet, "Support our president because we're AT WAR!"

Plus: I now have motivation to finish SESP. It's another video.

Minus: I also have to figure out a new way to transfer my PSD's because the old one isn't working. I may have forgotten what the old way actually was.

Plus: A new school year is almost underway

Minus: I haven't done much about that actually. Whoops.

Plus: Our alleged glorious leader is turning the Australian fires into a clusterfuck.

Minus: Our alleged glorious leader is turning the Australian fires into a clusterfuck.

This might mean the death of the neo-fascist Aussie Liberal Party because it's pretty darn clear that their climate change denial is literally hurting everyone who lives here. Maybe we might actually be able to do something about the impending environmental disaster before it's too late. I can hope.

Plus: There's another young student in another nation speaking out about the need to avert climate change.

Minus: They will probably hail her as a new hope, give her a bunch of useless awards, and generally pat themselves on the back about that whilst they do as little as possible about the actual problem.

Plus: We might actually get some Fart-of-the-Ferret-type action to actually end anthropogenic climate change.

Minus: We'll have to wait until literally the last instant before said action is taken.

Plus: The World's Billionaires could fund it all and not break a sweat.

Minus: They won't.

Grrr. I want to go around and just smack some people.

Good News, Bad News, Meh News

Good news: I got the format of The Amity Incident to work for the print version. And I now have two Patrons to keep my funds on the increase.

Bad news: I got rejected by the postal agents.

Meh news: I can't really afford the trivia night I've been looking forward to for months.

There's other social stuff happening this weekend, so I only get one day to do any of the nothing I want to do. And I'm nine weeks away

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Lo Batt

So I've swapped my medication to taking it at night. And I kind'a revelled in being AWAKE for a change and wound up staying up until eleven. Whoops.

Also taking a midday estivation until night time probably didn't help there.

So this morning, I'm still foggy, but able to function. For limited definitions of 'function'. I'm still easily distractible and I'm having small troubles maintaining focus.

And I haven't watered my garden yet... hangon...

There. Plants are still alive, yay.

I have

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Bad news

My computer is dying.

It’s limping along for about twenty minutes or so before it crashes and has to cool down.

Which means I have just enough time to write in my blog before it’s out of commission again.

30 March. Sic transit gloria mundi.

And since we’re saving our shekels so I can have a holiday, blogging is going to be low priority. As is Facebook and minecraft. All my projects are officially on hold

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