Good News, Bad News, Meh News

Good news: I got the format of The Amity Incident to work for the print version. And I now have two Patrons to keep my funds on the increase.

Bad news: I got rejected by the postal agents.

Meh news: I can't really afford the trivia night I've been looking forward to for months.

There's other social stuff happening this weekend, so I only get one day to do any of the nothing I want to do. And I'm nine weeks away from finishing Rael with no new input from any of my extant Betas.

I'm ordering the proof copy of The Amity Incident, today. Which means it'll be a few weeks before I can approve the dang thing.

Meanwhile, it should be visible sometime RSN on my Lulu Spotlight. Sorry it's $1 more than KFZ, there's more pages in Amity and it just costs more to make. If I priced it the same as KFZ, I'd make $0 off of non-Australian sales.

I'm almost up to colouring the central figures in the cover art of Beauties. Yay I guess. More detail is going to have to go into the shading and that crap. And I'm dreading the dresses.

Three cheers for layers because doing all this colouring on zero layers would just... firkin kill me.

And it looks like there's going to be more of that TAZ:BA fic for my Patrons, next week. Yay. In fact, it looks like there's going to be a LOT of that fic because I just firkin love the shiny idea that bit my butt.

Sadly, there's nothing new for Clockwork Souls, but that's okay because nobody is wanting to read that, yet. It'll filter down in a few weeks. Ten weeks, belike.

And then I'll actually have to work on it. Yeeps.