Challenge #03681-J028: Sweet Poison

Brain: They're definitely a red flag.

Heart: But red is my favourite colour…

Brain: no.

You know: Hey-

Brain: You, shut up

You definitely know: But I didn’t say anythi-

Brain: we a part of the same body, I KNOW what you about to say -- Anon Guest

The adults of the Elven community called it the battle of head, hand, and heart. The wants of different parts of the whole. Qimaris was warned that this would happen when hir body began its slower journey to adulthood[1]. The heart would want one thing, the brain another and as for hand... that was purely for more physical wants.

It was politer to say 'hand'.

Especially in mixed communities like Kalfinda, where even the Unwelcome Peoples had their place of belonging. Where a Dragon ran the biggest bank as nominal CEO, and Gnomes ran the mint whilst the Orcs did the accounting. Where Ogres and Bugbears did the heavy lifting whilst Gnomes and Gobelliin created clever devices. There were Kobold assayers and Troll groundskeepers and Witon chefs with their wooly feet in special net slippers. And Hellkin on the Watch, because they knew what trouble looked like before it started.

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