Tuesday, Great Upset

Beloved took a tumble off her scooter, last night. After much waiting and worrying, the semi-diagnosis is in:

One broken arm and three fractures in her jaw. We're still waiting for Experts(tm) to tell us whether or not she needs surgery for that.

It's going to be a long time in recuperation for my poor lovely, but she will survive this.

Now she, too, will feel the weather in her face. Not an experience I would recommend to be honest.

At least I can help her out with the GOOD painkillers.

For those of you seeking similar knowledge: Ibuprofen Sodium and the most generic of Paracetamol [Acetaminophen] generally does the trick for me. I don't even have to track down a supply of codeine any more.

That's how good it is.

My PLNs for today have to include a resupply of eggs and bread. Two staples that are now in low supply and super expensive because nobody's been doing shit about Climate Change or any of the other disasters.

But I have to get the staples and cat fodder, so I have to journey outside to go get the things.

Fingers crossed there won't be an urgency when I'm in the middle of that.

My PLNs to manage this are:

1) Post this nonsense
2) Post the Patreon offerings
3) Check the time and likely go shopping
4) Return, contribute to a chapter, and then do the flash fiction

Chapter Count: About to commence work on Chapter 293

As for my experiment... I have to eat regularly or suffer weird little dizzy spells. This is the opposite of a bad thing IMHO. I've been working on achieving regular meals and if this is what gets me there, then bonus.

BREAKING (ha!) NEWS: Beloved will be going into surgery and getting braces on her teeth to get them back into line.

Painful, painful stuff.

I may be put onto a mission so my day's about to go to shit. Hooray -_-