Challenge #03830-J178: One Wish Away

What is this? It's a Wish-Mirror. It shows you the hard, cold, truth to what will happen if you make your wish. It does not sugar coat anything. If you can live with what you see, then I will grant you a wish. But remember, you saw the consequences for yourself, so it's not like you have not been forewarned. -- Anon Guest

If you have a wish, and want it guaranteed, there is only one way to get it. It is part of the treasure belonging to Sylvarill and a direct line of her descendants that adopted her name.

Make the journey, bring an offering for her hoard, and express your wish as clearly as possible to the current Sylvarill.

Only then, if you are polite about it, will she let you see The Mirror. There is only one, made out of a scale from the original Great Silver Dragon that helped make the world. It is just as eternal. Unbreakable, and so very many had tried to break it.

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