What'S Normal?

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A slice of normal returneth

Toasty's stream is at 1AM today instead of tomorrow, so now my weeks are no longer as interesting as they are on Mondays.

To make today interesting, I submitted a pitch to Vulpine Press as recommended by a complete stranger on the interwebs. Next month, I pitch someone else. Let's do this. One thousand rejections. Official Number One.

They say six to eight weeks, but I'm doing this on a month basis.

Come July, I am pitching again. Bravery be damned. I'm picking some rando and pitching. WWAEWGD1 and all that nonsense. I'll have a panic attack about this later on.

It's looking like I shall get started on today's Instant earlier because Toasty's winding up in advance for paying job. Wish I had one of those.

I have an hour, now, to write you something before it's time to feed the felines. I shall certainly try.

  1. What Would An Entitled White Guy Do - act like the world owed them and stay confident.

Approaching Normal

I have both sets of braining meds! Interestingly, the ones that had to wait for stock beat out the ones that had to cross the Pacific Oceans to get to me.

The cat flap is repaired with a qualifier attached in the flavour of "for now".

We are going to need a new one. But it's at a state of being in which it can do it's job. For now.

My car has been surrendered to the mechanics and I will find

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Back to... normal?

I think I have things worked out. Apart from the whole "owning a credit card" thing. Which I still haven't shifted myself for and probably won't today.

I have arranged things so I can do just about everything I need to do on the lappy. Yay. Including putting the Instants Master File up on the cloud. Huge deal. Each Year of Instants is pretty huge, but five of them? That's firkin enormous.

I put the money for my new compy/repaired compy

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