Back to... normal?

I think I have things worked out. Apart from the whole "owning a credit card" thing. Which I still haven't shifted myself for and probably won't today.

I have arranged things so I can do just about everything I need to do on the lappy. Yay. Including putting the Instants Master File up on the cloud. Huge deal. Each Year of Instants is pretty huge, but five of them? That's firkin enormous.

I put the money for my new compy/repaired compy in the bank, rather than keeping it in Coinjar. It should be there soonish for me to use. I hope.

I also need to make an appointment with the Apple Store for this weekend and not forget I have it, back up all my files, and otherwise be certain that I'm not going to lose anything.

And I really don't want to commit to doing the thing before I'm certain that the thing is do-able.

On the plus side, bitcoin is rising, and I might have more than I need for the other half of my cunning PLN - a laptop that is 100% MINE and nobody else's business. No more firkin warnings about disc capacity. Just all my own shit. It's gonna be so sweet.

All earned through my own work. Over the passage of a YEAR, I grant, but still... all my own work.

That's all in my Reasons To Be Proud file.

And it would be really sweet if, after all of this is done, I have enough dosh left over to afford new AC for the oven office. Just in time for the weather to finally cool down and not be needed for three firkin seasons.

I have the best timing.