Approaching Normal

I have both sets of braining meds! Interestingly, the ones that had to wait for stock beat out the ones that had to cross the Pacific Oceans to get to me.

The cat flap is repaired with a qualifier attached in the flavour of "for now".

We are going to need a new one. But it's at a state of being in which it can do it's job. For now.

My car has been surrendered to the mechanics and I will find out when that's going to be fixed - and hopefully completely fixed this time.

Even though I have made exactly $0 out of This is Awkward - the album I made out of loops for some tolerably OK EDM... I have commenced work on the second, currently untitled album the second.

Suggestions for such welcome.

One musical piece done, eleven to go.

Then I can whine about not earning a hundred dollars from my musical shenanigans on the interwebs.

Meh. At this rate, I'd be better off releasing it for free via Pillowfort and Tumblr. With whatever I feel is funny for an album cover.

Some smartarse will probably yell at me for releasing it for free whilst I'm still trying to sell it, but... eh. I figure if people want to give me money for this stuff, they will. It's no real skin off my nose. Just a massive disappointment.

I woke up at 2AM today, and it's already gone six. I've spent a majority of those hours (a) getting Episode Fifteen of Inter-Mission finalised and (b) making the next set of music I can mix into the podcast.

I should start keeping a checklist so I don't have any further hassles remembering which one I used where. At least I have plenty of music for any future time-lapses I do when I get back to editing those Minecraft videos.

If I ever get back to that noise, that is.

Speaking of disappointments, I should really get on with today's tale...