Challenge #02480-F290: Considering Invasion?

In the past, Nordic Human warriors in the midst of battle would enter into a “berserker state” where many of the brain limiters would turn off and force the body into using 100% of it strength to pummel the enemy into submission or death. Of course, this severely injure the body afterward, since the limiters were there to keep the muscles from ripping themselves apart and disrupting the organs, or from erupting. Also due to the adrenaline rush and rush of endorphins, the thoughts of the respected human will be limited, even attacking their allies. Due to how society evolved that function was rarely seen, until today. -- Anon Guest

Humans. Look at them. Ridiculous bipedal hairless apes. Most of them meekly wandering through their daily activities in a near-brainless state of routine. You'd never think that every single one of them has the capacity to be a monster.

Berserkers walk amongst them.

Any single one of those Humans could carry the Berserker Ability. A state of rage so intense that they can tear one of their fellows apart with their bare hands, and then move onto the next offender. They have new names for the triggered state, hysterical strength, adrenaline psychosis, superman syndrome... and some can even employ it at will. They are trained to employ it at will.

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