Retail Therapy

A 4-post collection

Saturday, Day 0, Shopping Spree

I'm not doing plague news today. It's firkin depressing. Same reason why I'm not looking at the news. I have enough morbs without seeing how idiotic the world is being.

Today is a feast day, so at least part of my plns involve eating all the no-no's I can fit in my bod. Which may or may not be an endorphin booster. We shall see.

Chaos needs new shorts, she also needs to get her booster. So that's also in my agenda.

Just as soon as Beloved awakes from her slumber. Her new hormones are kicking her butt so I don't expect much enthusiasm out of her.

I shall post story, and spend this day attempting to forget that idiots exist. Fortunately, I'm seeing a lot more people wearing masks and a lot less wandering around with chin bras.

I can hope the trend continues.

Sunday, Day 0, PLNs

Plague news: One new case, a local. Twenty-nine total active cases. Twenty in hospital. One in the ICU.

Beloved and I have a shopping list, so it's odds evens we'll come back with more than we wanted.

We need cat food, I need coffee. I just got a hand-crafted cam cover [thanks Babe!]. Photos eventually on my Insta.

SOMEwhere today, we will get the floor picked up from all the assorted nonsense that got strewn there. But that's later.

In the news:

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Challenge #01967-E143: Irresponsible Beauty

Buy something to cheer yourself up. -- Anon Guest

Good news: Rael could plausibly purchase himself from Wave of the Future and therefore become a free individual. Bad news: even as low-bid goods and an admittedly buggy model, he was still heinously overpriced. Wave of the Future insisted that he was a bargain.

And they had him on open bidding.

An urgent ping from the Cogniscent Rights Committee overrode his mail system. Informing him and everyone looking at the auctions that this

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I am now prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse

I finally got one. The essential item for every geek’s arsenal against the nigh-inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Yes! I finally got a hold of my machete.

Good old Annaconda. The go-to place for stuff you can’t get anywhere else because it’s a bit on the weird side.

Alas, ‘cause they’re a camping gear mob, they don’t have scythes. Phooey.

On the other hand, the blokes are off fixing the ride-on mower, so

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