I am now prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse

I finally got one. The essential item for every geek’s arsenal against the nigh-inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Yes! I finally got a hold of my machete.

Good old Annaconda. The go-to place for stuff you can’t get anywhere else because it’s a bit on the weird side.

Alas, ‘cause they’re a camping gear mob, they don’t have scythes. Phooey.

On the other hand, the blokes are off fixing the ride-on mower, so the need for a scythe is lowering as I type.

I still want one. When the world runs out of fuel, all the oldie mouldie ways will come back, and I’ll be ahead of the crowd.

But, for now, I have my machete and I love it. It’s one weapon/tool that never needs reloading or refueling.